3 Finger Guide to Eating Out

Food! What a wonderful thing. Eggs, zucchini, apples, pizza, burgers, steaks, broccoli, potato chips are just a minute sample of what I like. And I love to eat all types of food, healthy and junk. But in the health and fitness industry, some experts will preach “If you’re not eating 100% healthy you’re harming your body and won’t achieve any fitness results.”
I’m here to tell you, it’s WAFFLES ( I personally don’t like baloney too much)! Yes, consuming 3 burgers, 3 salty fries and 3 soda pops in a daily diet while you’re cholesterol is high and you have type 2 diabetes, probably isn’t the most intelligent thing you can do for body. So smarten up.

Eating is for survival. And if you want to live as long as possible and give you the best chance at that, you’ll probably want items which are nutritious for you. You probably have a good idea of what is considered healthy and not. But just in case; too much sugar = bad, too much salt = bad, too much fat = bad, too much processed foods = bad.
Eating is also FUN! Especially when you’re with family and friends chowing down at your favourite restaurant. Speaking of restaurants, WindsorEats featuring  is a happening now! There plenty of establishments with tasting menus at your fingertips. And if you’re one of my clients who asked, “What do I look out for when I order?”


These are 3 finger licking tips when it comes to eliminating stress and anxiety when eating out.

  1. Many tempting dishes on the menu have hidden ingredients. Look out for sauces. Yes, sauce sometimes makes the meal but many sauces have enough sugar and salt to last you for days. Ask for sauce on the side. This way you can choose your amount. Of course there’s nothing stopping you from drinking all the sauce but hey, that’s you’re call.
  2. Find filler ingredients to substitute. You would be surprised how accommodating most establishments are if you ask for reasonable substitutions. I classify filler ingredients which are low in nutritional value and easy to fill the stomach. Some things you can try to swap out, lettuce for spinach, rice for couscous etc. You may not always receive a substitute but it never hurts to ask.
  3. 2 hand portion size. This is a general rule I stick to when looking at my portion sizes. If you place your hands side by side it should be close to a small plate of food. One hand is my protein, the other is the carbohydrates. You may be accustomed to larger or smaller portions but doesn’t necessarily mean you need it or you maybe you do. There are always exceptions.

Eating should be enjoyable and pleasant. Indulging with an extra piece of dessert or having the extra plate of fries may push you over the satisfied into stuffed category but don’t beat yourself up. Part of your dedication to being physical active is to enjoy moments like this. Enjoy the delectable food being offered during  and remember my 3 finger licking tips when dining out!

Joe Cheng

Fitness Director and Personal Wellness Coach