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3 Finger Guide to Eating Out

Food! What a wonderful thing. Eggs, zucchini, apples, pizza, burgers, steaks, broccoli, potato chips are just a minute sample of what I like. And I love to eat all types of food, healthy and junk. But in the health and fitness industry, some experts will preach “If you’re not eating 100% healthy you’re harming your […]

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Personal Trainers, Not Just Experts at Counting!

At the beginning of every year, a top goal on everyone’s resolutions list is to improve their fitness. Whether it’s for fat loss, running that marathon, or to simply get healthier, fitness is something that everyone wants to achieve, but have a hard time starting or staying consistent with. January 2nd is National Personal Trainer […]

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Holiday Food

6 Must Do’s to Prevent the Holiday Bulge

The cooler weather is upon us and the hustle and bustle of shoppers is just beginning. Thanksgiving is the first stop and Christmas will be right around the corner. Family gatherings and holiday parties will be in full swing. Oven roasted turkey, creamy mash potatoes, homemade stuffing, tart cranberry sauce, and delicious hand crafted apple […]

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Fitness Week; Monday TRX

It’s been almost a year of working here (March! Be sure to come by and wish me a Happy Workversary) and maybe because the New Year Spirit got to me (New Year, New Me, ammirite?) or maybe because I sign up for things before I fully think them through, I decided that it was high […]

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Jamie Shaw

Fitness Success Story – Jamie Shaw

We love seeing all of our members have success and it is especially rewarding when they are so happy with their experience with us, that they allow us to share their story. Here is a quick testimonial from Jamie Shaw, who has been a member for a few months now. He’s lost plenty of weight […]

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