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April 3rd Closure

Dear valued members, friends and staff: In regards to the upcoming Ontario lockdown we want to say thank you. Thank you for supporting our club and our community. Thank you for doing everything on your part concerning Covid-19 restrictions. Thank you for being kind and welcoming to our new members. Thank you for being clean […]

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Stage 3 is here!!

Hooray!! We are able to reopen Windsor Squash & Fitness Club on Wednesday, August 12, 2020 at 700AM. The health and well being of our employees and members will continue to be our paramount concerns. We are excited about the return of our members but please help us to keep the club Covid-free! We have […]

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Personal Trainers, Not Just Experts at Counting!

At the beginning of every year, a top goal on everyone’s resolutions list is to improve their fitness. Whether it’s for fat loss, running that marathon, or to simply get healthier, fitness is something that everyone wants to achieve, but have a hard time starting or staying consistent with. January 2nd is National Personal Trainer […]

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