Personal Trainers, Not Just Experts at Counting!

At the beginning of every year, a top goal on everyone’s resolutions list is to improve their fitness. Whether it’s for fat loss, running that marathon, or to simply get healthier, fitness is something that everyone wants to achieve, but have a hard time starting or staying consistent with.

January 2nd is National Personal Trainer Awareness Day, and it cannot come at a better time! New year, new you, new habits, and new goals, right? For fitness goals, a personal trainer is the best tool to achieve results in a healthy, fun, and long-term way. Personal trainers are not just glorified rep-counters, they offer something unexpected to clients who are serious about achieving their goals. And it’s not a new you, just a SMARTER YOU because you did it the right way.

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A Holistic Approach

Personal training is not simply about lifting weights and putting them back down. A good personal trainer will also train your mind when thinking about why you have your goals, how you can achieve them, and the obstacles which prevent you from succeeding. Health is not simply physical, it also has mental and social components that could play into why one feels ‘out of shape’ to begin with, or what stops someone from giving their full effort. Moving past barriers, whether physical or mental, is what will show the greatest results.


Let’s be honest: motivation is at an all-time high every January! Sadly, by the time February comes around, most goals are forgotten or given up on. Seeing a personal trainer can keep your motivation to achieve your resolutions in a number of ways. Firstly: with training comes a financial investment. By purchasing a month or a year worth of training in advance, you can use this opportunity to hold yourself accountable and show up every session. You know someone is waiting for you, otherwise, why pay money to sit on the couch? Some clients work with trainers to overcome the mental cost of “feeling guilty” and losing confidence in their abilities to stick to this new habit.

Next, by the time your motivation plateaus or hits a low, your trainer can recharge your battery by showing you how far you have come! Often we don’t see our own progress as it can be incremental on a daily basis, and it takes someone else to help you see your improvement. For some people, they have “moving goalposts syndrome” – if their initial goal was to do 5 pushups with good technique, March rolls around, they’ve lost motivation and can now do 15 pushups, but because they moved their goal to 25 reps, they still feel like failures on the inside because they “didn’t reach their goal.” This is where a trainer can show clients the results they have achieved in all areas from a day 1, objective standpoint.

Many people have an “all or none” perspective when it comes to health goals. At the start of the year, we can feel unstoppable and create our own spectacular 4 day a week ultimate workout plan. But then life comes at you and going to the gym 3 times a week becomes unsustainable – this is where many people quit, all that work put into the ultimate 4 day plan gets pitched. A trainer can help you with effective workouts at 2 sessions a week, or even 1 with some short and sweet mini home routines. Either way, you are still going- once a week for a year is still 52 more times that you went to the gym than you otherwise would have!

Finally, by making workouts fun, personal trainers make working out something to look forward to. Instead of dragging yourself to the gym and counting down the time until you can go home, personal training can help bring life and energy into workouts. By learning how to properly complete exercises, confidence in the gym goes up. A strong relationship with your trainer can be formed, and a session with them can help you relax after a long day of work or help you with a problem you’ve been struggling with.


Personal trainers are trained to help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Experienced and educated trainers have extensive knowledge, training, and education, to provide you with strategies and techniques that can help you to reach your goal faster, in a safe way. Watching a workout video on YouTube or Instagram can give you some solid information, but it won’t be able to tell you if your technique is spot on, without the assistance of a professional’s eye on your knee alignment from the back, especially as you fatigue. Will your downward dog look like the instructors? Maybe, maybe not. Or with a little back pain, will this hyperextension movement be right for you? How should you change it or should you even do it at all? Working under the safety of a professional that can help you set up the appropriate weights or getting the right corrections will reduce the risk of injuries, which are very common for new gym-goers. A good instructional video has its limits.

Personal trainers at Windsor Squash and Fitness are here to ensure success, no matter what your goals are. Whether it’s a few training sessions to check up on your program or technique, or consistent and ongoing training, personal trainers are an invaluable resource for all of your health and fitness goals.

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