Squash Clinics

Free Beginner’s Squash Clinic

October 21st @ 4pm – 6pm

Learn the basics of the healthiest sport by Forbes magazine. Never held a squash racquet before, that’s ok. Don’t even know what squash is about, that’s ok. Give it a try, it’s FREE!

Email graeme.williams@windsorsquashfitness.ca for more information or to register for the free clinic.

Graeme Williams

Graeme Williams – Pro Tip

Using your movement to hit the ball. A common fault in squash is players trying to generate all their momentum and power with the arm.  This causes many problems such as not being balanced at impact, recovery to T area, injuries, accuracy problems, easy to read and losing the thing they are searching for in the first time power!

As with throwing, the swing starts with the feet and the floor.  The upper body should be relaxed as possible to allow the momentum to travel up the body and build the swing.  Each step should build more momentum to then be thrown into the shot.  The last step before hitting needs to be timed with the ball to ensure that the weight is used to hit rather than just disappearing into the floor and leaving the arm to do all the work.  Again if you have a go at throwing you will feel that the last step pushes into the floor, creating momentum in the arm to throw and release the ball.  If your timing here is perfect the effort you put into the shot will rebound from the ground up and pull you back towards the middle.  As with anything this timing takes practice!