April 3rd Closure

Dear valued members, friends and staff:
In regards to the upcoming Ontario lockdown we want to say thank you.
Thank you for supporting our club and our community.
Thank you for doing everything on your part concerning Covid-19 restrictions.
Thank you for being kind and welcoming to our new members.
Thank you for being clean and courteous.
Thank you for being understanding and patient with staff when it comes to booking time slots and restrictions.
If it wasn’t for each and every one of you our club we love so much would not be able to have our doors open and remain Covid -19 free during this entire pandemic. You, our wonderful WSF community did everything on your part you could to ensure everyone’s safety and keep the doors open, and it is because of this I am very sad to say we have to close our doors for 28 days to follow the restrictions put forth by our Ontario Government.
In regards to membership payments on the 15th of April, we encourage members to continue to support our small community and allow the payments to continue. The month paid that you were unable to use will be added to your term for $0. This ensures you get the amount of time you paid for as well as helps us cover fixed costs during this closure.
If you would like to freeze your account that is an option as well. please contact the club at 519-966-2141 Mon-Fri from 9-3 or contact the club manager via email at dan.hyatt@windsorsquashfitness.ca
Our members currently on credit from previous shutdowns or have not reached their expiry to begin their credit, this month will be added directly to your account. Freezing your account via the methods listed above is also an option if you do not wish to add another months credit.
We are so grateful to have all of you as a part of our club, and we look forward to seeing you all soon!
Yours in health and fitness,
Owners, Tom & Marcy Porter,
WSF management & Staff